What will this expansion of the Betting and Gaming Act do in terms of preventing gambling addiction?

Dutch legislation may soon be the strictest in Europe with regard to the prevention of gambling addiction. In the near future, licensed operators of risky games of chance will be required to contribute to an as-yet-to-be-established Addiction Prevention Fund.

While the specifics of this fund have yet to be determined, the money will in any case be used to support anonymous treatment, research and a future national betting and gaming service point.

A Central Exclusion Register (Cruks) will be created as well. All licensed betting and gaming operators must be affiliated with this register, in which players can be registered – either voluntarily or involuntarily – so that they are precluded from betting and gaming for a specified period of time.

In addition, every licensed operators needs to establish a Control Database.This will provide the Ksa with access to digital data on betting in order to assess whether those operators are in compliance with the applicable conditions pertaining to addiction prevention and other regulations.