International collaboration

The Kansspelautoriteit engages in various forms of international collaboration. Despite the strong regulation of the gambling industry at the national level, international collaboration is important for the Kansspelautoriteit. The primary interest lies in building and exchanging knowledge and expertise with fellow regulators from other European jurisdictions. This helps the Kansspelautoriteit to increase its knowledge and keep up with new trends and developments in other countries. This in turn enables the Kansspelautoriteit to better fulfil its regulatory duties.

At an international level, the Kansspelautoriteit actively works alongside other regulators in GREF, the Gambling Regulatory European Forum, and is involved at a global level in IAGR, the International Association of Gaming Regulators. These partnerships are aimed at knowledge exchange. GREF focuses on various European jurisdictions and IAGR is a global organisation of gaming regulators. Within GREF, the Kansspelautoriteit is an active participant in all working groups. These include the working groups for Enforcement, eGambling, Responsible Gambling and InfoStat. From June 2021 to June 2023, Kansspelautoriteit chair René Jansen was chair of the board of GREF.

In addition to its involvement in international groups, the Kansspelautoriteit also cooperates bilaterally with foreign gambling regulators. This primarily takes place on an ad hoc, informal basis. There are also partnership agreements with fellow regulators:

The Kansspelautoriteit also regularly takes part in international conferences and symposia.