Gaming and Gambling

The Ksa is researching the intertwining of social games (games) and gambling (gambling) online, as well as in the possible harmfulness of this.

Round table discussion

For example, research is currently being conducted into the possible relationship between social gaming and problematic gambling behaviour, particularly among young people. The Ksa organizes a meeting on 15 October 2018; a round table discussion with, among others, addiction care institutions, a representation of (young) players and providers.

Protection minor players

Vigilance is required with the introduction of new games for young people. Where social games offer illegal games of chance, it is our task to act against them. Protection of the player and especially of the minor player forces us to do so

The Ksa assesses the risks as twofold at the moment:

  1. That playing social games can lead to the normalization of gambling;
  2. That it is not always clear for the player (consumer) when a social game turns into a game where money prizes can be won.

These risks can have a negative effect on players. For example, players can unconsciously switch from gaming to gambling, they can be misled about the nature of the game or a risk of addiction may arise. The Ksa finds this worrying, especially when it comes to minors. The Betting and Gaming Act does not provide protection against the risks of social games.

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